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Proactive and reactive managed services with focus on: vulnerability assessment, log management, penetration testing, security assessment.
Risk assessment & prevention

Analysis and identification of risk areas and process that are critical for the business. Reporting and drafting of a plan for the adoption of adequate countermeasures (Remediation Plan).

Security Testing and Perimeter security

Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment, both manual and automated, using ad hoc probes with different modules according to the client's needs. Subsequent support for the prevention of harmful events such as the loss and destruction of data, interruption or alteration of service.

Application security, Asset Inventory & IT Management

Consultancy for management of Identity & Access Management processes and for the implementation of information governance tools.

Business Continuity, Incident & Log Management

Definition of procedures and operational plans for incident management. Implementation of architectures complying with the provisions of the Data Protection Authority for System Administrator and Security Information Event Management.


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