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Our strategic consultancy supports the planning of security policies and considers data protection as a process. In addition to the technological aspects related to computer security,this process involves legal, organizational and procedural aspects.
A systemic, integrated approach makes it possible to design the best solution to suit our clients'needs.
DataConSec's team of consultants consists of highly qualified professionals with over twenty years of experience in the world of data security.
Our staff is constantly involved in scientific research activities with universities.


Legal consultants
Data protection officers
Business management consultants
Certified auditors
Computer forensics and digital investigation experts
Computer security experts

Business Security & IT Governance


The governance of ICT Compliance aims to ensure conformity with regulations, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in the presence of threats.

Our Clients want to know that the law says; what the law means to them; what they should do to implement an effective data protection conformity system and, consequently, how to build privacy into their business and marketing strategies.

In many cases, there is a specific problem that justifies a consultancy project. The DataConSec team will tackle that specific area, but will also point out to the Client other privacy issues that require attention. The definition and implementation of a general security and privacy project always includes its governance as an integrated system.

The governance of ICT compliance can therefore be defined as the set of policies and procedures implemented and maintained by an organisation to guarantee over time satisfaction of the requirements that regulate the correct management of their information and therefore of their business.

This definition is in line with the concept of ISMS (Information Security Management System) described in standard ISO 27000.

The value of a DataConSec consultancy lies in the design of a customised strategy that will help an organisation stand out above competitors, by showing special attention to legal requirements for data protection and privacy.



Alessandro Rodolfi

Privacy, Risk and Compliance

CISA - Lead Auditor ISO 27001 - 22301 Digital Forensics expert

Domenico Carnicella

Privacy, Risk and Compliance

Lead Auditor ISO 27001 - 22301 - 9001 231/01 expert and AEO consultant




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