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Digital Forensics
Gathering digital evidence, analysis, digital-legal investigations on websites, smartphones and recovery of data from devices.

The purpose of digital forensics is to identify, acquire, preserve, analyse, document and present the information stored in computers, mobile devices (phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and in digital systems in general.
Digital forensics provides evidence for use in investigation activities and such that will be considered valid in court in civil, criminal or labour proceedings.
It encompasses and integrates legal and technical-digital competencies. DataConSec has resources specialised in all the areas linked to the subject and a certified advanced computer laboratory.


The objective is to use the numerous computer forensics techniques to recover, analyse and store information on computer systems in order to find potential evidence for a trial. It is therefore essential to be able to freeze computer data, to find all the files that may be of interest, including crypted filed, hidden files or files that have been deleted but not overwritten.
Decoding and accessing protected files.
Being able to analyse every part of a computer including unallocated space and to correctly document every stage of the procedure. DataConSec is a competent company, recognised at a national level. DataConSec is certified and can guarantee top-quality computer forensics services.



The methodologies typical of computer forensics are applied in the corporate context.
The aim is to detect possible computer attacks from outside the company, identify unloyal employees, espionage activities, data theft or data damage and violation of corporate policies. The regulation on protection of personal data is complex and multifaceted.
Interpreting the measures of the Data Protection Authority is not straightforward.
The "technological control" system can offer employers the possibility of verifying their staff's loyalty. However, there are limits and identifying boundaries is essential.
DataConSec's team is able to quickly provide all the elements that can create a technological control infrastructure in full compliance with data protection regulations and with the key rules set out by the Workers' Statute of Rights. Our Corporate Forensic service can be used both for prevention activities and as part of defensive activities in case of corporate crime.


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